How it all started…

Since I was about 5 years old, I had social difficulties, which made it extremely difficult to speak to anyone outside of my immediate family. The condition I have is called selective mutism and I have Asperger's Syndrome. Before I never went out of my home on my own and I was always alone.


Before I got Skye in 2013, I didn't know I would be so good with dogs and would enjoy it so much. She gave me huge motivation to improve and overcome my difficulties, making me go out on my own and increasing my independence. After that, I started to love dogs and wanted to study more about them and potentially work with them as a dog trainer. So I started to take dog behaviour courses from the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, which I found all very interesting and useful! My second dog, Cody, who I got in July 2017, gave me the motivation to start communicating and socialising with people, which I found impossible before. It is still very hard but getting easier! Now, I go out mostly everywhere on my own and spend time with lots of different people. And I am enjoying it very much!

In 2016, I started dog walking for a small number of clients. I also assisted a few dog walkers, helping out with their dogs. And also starting in 2018, I started to go to a dog daycare in Windsor to help out in my spare time. All these experiences really helped me to learn more about dogs and build up my practical experience. From walking and caring for other dogs, I learned that they are all unique and their individual needs are all different. So, it is important that you are flexible with the different methods you use for caring, walking and training.

As well as dog behaviour, I am also studying for a BSc. in Computer Science and Maths from the Open University, which I am hoping to do some work in as well as my dog behaviour work. And when I am finished all my studies, I am hoping to start a dog daycare and boarding service in the countryside.

I am a fully insured, first aid trained dog walker and trainer.

Geoffrey Gu