Bonfire night safety for our dogs

5th of November is fast approaching and the fireworks on the day and the days leading up to it could cause sometimes extreme distress for our dogs. Not my dogs though, they sleep straight through it! So extra care is required to make sure our dogs is as relaxed and happy as they can!

The more common signs of dogs showing fear are running off, pacing and inability to settle, panting, and barking or crying. Dogs running off increases the chances of missing pets and road traffic accidents. So, be extra vigilant when walking, especially during the evenings. 

What can you do to keep your dog safe and happy?

 1.    Try to keep your dog indoors while the fireworks are happening (if they are scared!) and take him or her for their walks before or after.   

2.    Have a nice place for your dog where they feel most secure, so they could go to when they feel scared. This could be their crate with something covering over the top, their bed, or a corner of a room they feel most secure. 

3.    Have a pet ID tag on them at all times, especially during this time, just in case something happens. Also, make sure your dog is microchipped and all the information on it is up to date.

4.    Maybe have the TV and radio on with the windows and curtains closed.

5.    You could give a Kong to your dog stuffed with something nice, such as peanut butter, their favourite treats, or their usual food, to act as a distraction technique. I feed my dogs on a raw diet and stuff that into a dental Kong for their meals.

6.    You can ask your vet for advice on anxiety reducing supplements, such as Nutricalm if their fear is really severe.

7.    A Thundershirt can also help, which applies pressure to your dog’s body so he/she feels more secure.