Why a raw diet is best for our dogs?

Food is an important part of health and a good source of food is so important to ensure a long healthy life.  Every species needs to have a biologically appropriate diet in order to be healthy. 

What is a biological appropriate diet?


A biologically appropriate diet is a diet that a species has evolved to eat and that ensures optimum health and one that they will eat in the wild or as close to that as possible.

What is the most appropriate diet for our dogs?

To find out what the most suitable biological appropriate diet is, you have to think about how domesticated dogs came about and how they developed. They are a sub-species of the wolf, which means they can inter breed with each other and produce fertile offspring. Through domestication, we have changed their looks and their behaviour depending on what they will be used for (these are where the different breeds came from), but physiologically they remain the same. So, this means their diet should ideally be the same as the wolf – a raw diet. This can consist of fruit and vegetables if they can find it but mainly raw meat. The meat could come from anything that they would be able to catch and kill in the wild, for example, rabbit, sheep, mice, birds and many more. In the wild, the wolf eats every part of the killed animal including bones, organs, and contents of the stomach, so dogs should eat a similar diet.

To make sure our dogs lead a happy healthy life, they should ideally eat a domesticated version of a wild diet – raw meat, raw bone and a small amount of fruit and vegetables. You can either DIY (I will write about this in a later blog) or get it pre-made. We get it pre-made from Honey’s Real Dog Food and they are fantastic!

A little about Honey’s Real Dog Food

Honey’s Real Dog Food is a very small family run business, based in Wiltshire. They provide ready-made raw food for dogs, which comes frozen or they can provide raw ingredients if you would like to make the raw food yourself. They are also very helpful if you need any nutritional advice and guidance on switching to raw. We have been using Honey’s (still are!) since Skye was a little puppy (around 2014) and we are very happy with them. Skye and Cody love their food! We highly recommend them for anyone thinking of transitioning their dog to a raw diet.