Fun places to take your dog swimming

Swimming is a fun exercise for dogs and helps to burn energy. Some breeds love water, for example, Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands. You could play retrieve games by throwing objects into water and making them bring them back. Dogs can swim anywhere that is allowed and safe. Do not allow your dog to disturb other wild animals, like swans and ducks. 

Some good places I recommend taking your dog:


The park is very open and large and allows lots of room for dogs to run. There are hills, woodlands, and different paths to explore. There are also lots of different dogs. For car parking, I usually park in the car park on East Heath Road but the spaces are limited when it is busy. You have to pay to park there. 

Parking Information

Map of Hampstead Heath

Dog walking information on Hampstead Heath



There is only one part of the lake where it is open for dogs to swim. This is shown in the map. Skye loves it and every time we get near she runs and jumps straight in. It is also a nice park to walk in general. Most places allow dogs to be off lead. There are some controlled areas for dogs but these are shown in the map. They provide dog poo bags at the gate. For parking, there is a car park where you have to pay and the controlled parking hours are between 8am-6pm everyday but the number of spaces are limited. If you have problems finding a space in the car park, there is usually plenty of spaces on the street next to the park where the resident parking is only controlled up to 12pm. 

Map of Chiswick Gardens 

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