A Walk along Virginia Water Lake

This is a really nice place to take your dogs if they love swimming (my dogs absolutely love it!). It is a part of Windsor Great Park, which is on the border of Surrey and Berkshire. It is completely safe, not really any exposed roads apart from the car parks.

It is very clean, very well maintained and quite easy to walk if you follow the path. But you can go in the woods and non-water area, I walk there if I feel my dogs had enough water. It’s nice but we tend to spend most of the time next to the water as my dogs prefer that! 

My usual route is from the Virginia Water South car park straight down to the lake and we just follow the path along the perimeter of the lake up until the on-lead area by the Virginia Water Pavilion and café and then back again. It is quite a walk, enough for my dogs and they are extremely exhausted afterwards! Along the way, we play in the water for a bit. There is one spot, which looks like a little beach, the water looks really clean and very shallow. I think it would be perfect for dogs who are not that confident in water. A little past that area, there is a beautiful waterfall, called the Cascade, which is worth to see!

The whole thing could take between 1-2 hours, depending on fast you walk. Generally, the whole thing is pretty much off-lead, but you must keep your dog under close control. Also, you could walk the whole perimeter of the lake (takes much longer) and it was very nice. But I think half is enough for my two Golden Retrievers.

If you are travelling by car, there are two car parks, Virginia Water (I think this is the main one) and Virginia Water South. These are both accessible via J13 of the M25 via the A30.

I usually park at the Virginia South car park as it is less busy, which has less cars and easier to find a parking space. From that car park it is pretty much all off-lead , I personally don’t use leads that much there (unless they are being naughty)! I did park at the Virginia Water car park once and it is very close to the Virginia Water Pavilion and café, but dogs must be on lead in the vicinity of the area. However, it is clearly signed where dogs are required to be on lead.

I think the parking fees are quite reasonable: £2.50 for one hour and £5 for 2 hours for weekdays. For weekends and bank holidays: £3.00 for one hour and £6 for 2 hours.

Postcode for the car parks: Virginia Water (GU25 4QF) and Virginia Water South (SL5 7SB).

We hope you find the time to go visit, it is definitely one of our favourite places to go for a walk! Definitely 100% recommend it if your dog loves water.

Geoffrey GuComment