Skye in Snelsmore Common

Skye in Snelsmore Common

Skye is a female Golden Retriever who was born on the 25th April 2013. She likes going on walks and loves playing with her tennis ball. When she is at home, she is very quiet and a low activity dog but outside in the park, she is completely the opposite. I take her to lots of different parks in London like Hampstead Heath, Chiswick House, Wormwood Scrubs, Holland Park, Battersea Park, and Kensington Gardens. I was training her for a year to try and overcome her fear of car rides but she has improved enough for me to start taking her to different parks again, which she enjoys very much. Before I got Skye, I never realised that I was good with dogs and that I would feel so happy and relaxed with them. Skye has helped me to become more independent and confident.



Cody is a male Golden Retriever who was born on the 12th May 2017. The reason we got him is because my parents saw how dogs have helped me improve and decided it will be very good if I had a second one. So I thought now in 2017 would be the best time since Skye is still relatively young.  I also decided on a male dog since I thought male would work much better with Skye, who is female. I was more careful in his socialisation and taking him to a variety of places, so he won't gain as many fears like Skye did. I found he is much more naughty and destructive but he is very affectionate. I have taken him in the car everyday since he was 8 weeks to a variety of different places and parks, including my school, Kensington Gardens, Battersea Park, Chiswick House, and Brook Green. I am so happy he is incredibly calm in the car and he sometimes watches out of the window while I am driving. I think his training is going relatively well and I have been working on it everyday. Hopefully he will be extremely well trained soon! I have spent so much time with him so I'm hoping he would bond with me as much as Skye does.