How I work

I’m a full-time student doing bespoke dog walking and training for a small number of clients as a way of getting more experience with dogs in my spare time. So, my schedule is not that flexible but I will try my very best to accommodate your needs! Also, I do have communication difficulties where I have trouble talking to people outside of my immediate family so I operate in a different way, which I will explain below.

Canine Behavioural Consultations

I can come to your home or park or wherever you want me to and where the behaviour problem your dog is showing. I will send you a pre-consultation form for you to complete and then ask you any further questions. When I come to meet you and your dog, I will do some observations of your dog’s behaviour and have a look at the layout of your home and your dog’s lifestyle to help me diagnose the problem. I will then ask more questions through email or text after which I will write up a comprehensive behavioural report for you to follow with your dog with any training equipment recommended.

Dog Walking

£15 per hour

If your dog is really reactive, I will walk them completely on their own, otherwise I will walk them together with my two dogs unless otherwise requested. I only walk maximum of two other dogs together with my two and make sure all dogs get along with each other. I tend to go to Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park or Holland Park, picking up from your home and dropping them off afterwards for between one to two hours.