Now the boring stuff but essential!

I kindly request your full attention to my terms and conditions.

On first meeting, dogs will be assessed on an individual basis to see how they are and this will give me an idea of what sort of service would fit them better or they need the most.

Clients wising to use Skye and Cody services must acknowledge and agree to all the following terms and conditions before anything begins. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


General Terms

 Application forms or any questionnaires, such as, canine profile forms for dog training sessions, must be completed in full and signed before the service process begins.

 The use of our services is under condition of the client’s understanding and agreement to our terms.

 At Skye and Cody, we always strive to provide the best possible service both being reliable and dependable. However, pick up and drop off times may vary depending on traffic conditions and road closures.

 I am a fully insured, first aid trained, dog walker and trainer and will ensure to the best of my ability that your dog’s wellbeing is my number one priority at all times. But as you might know or need to understand, working with dogs can have some risks including but not limited to injury, contraction of illness, fleas or ticks and other ailments. This is more so for aggressive/reactive dogs, blind, deaf, and older dogs. If anything does happen, I will contact you at the first instance and decide what the best option to take. Clients should accept full responsibility of veterinary care and payments if any should be needed for all dogs in my care.

 All dogs should be up-to-date with all flea or worming treatments, unless your vet says otherwise, and I advise all of my clients to have insurance for their dogs.

 All dogs and puppies must be microchipped as required by UK law, from April 2016. No dogs would be accepted onto any of my services unless they have a microchip. They also must wear a suitable collar or harness with an identity tag attached at all times. If they don’t have a tag, I will attach one of mine and I kindly ask the client to not to remove it. If I find the provided lead or collar is not suitable for any reason or might cause a potential hazard, for example, if your dog is a heavy puller, I will use an alternative one of mine, such as a head collar, anti-pull harness, or slip lead.

 If I find a client’s dog to be reactive or aggressive (either towards people or other dogs), I will put a nervous coat or similar onto their dog just to warn others of their dog’s behaviour. 

 For the safety of myself and the client’s dog, my regular services of dog walking would be affected during periods of adverse or severe weather conditions, including but not limited to floods, extreme snowfall, dangerously icy roads, extreme heat, or abnormally high winds. If anything cancels because of this, I would let the client know as soon as I am able, and any pre-payment of services would be refunded.

 For my dog walking, I would not allow any dog breeds under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 such as the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero and Pit Bull Terrier.


 Although, I do not operate my dog walking including pick-ups and drop offs on these days, but if the client really need walks or any other arrangements then please notify me as soon as possible. 


 Due to me being a full-time student in addition to my services I provide, my schedule is very limited in time. So, please let me know of any changes as soon as you know (preferably a week in advance). I will always aim to send over schedules to clients by the weekend before. If I come to your home at the agreed time and I get turned away or the session gets cancelled, I will charge 50% of the session total.


Invoices are sent usually by email at the end of each month unless the client is on holiday, where I will wait until they come back. These must be paid by bank transfer unless other methods has been discussed beforehand. Should there be any issues paying a bill or any issues you may have with the total, please email or text me as soon as possible. I will never lock a client into a contract, so if they don’t require my services anymore or for an extended amount of time, no fees or penalties would be incurred.



 Updates and photos will be sent to clients via text or email. As well as this, clients may see photos featured on my Instagram, Facebook pages, or my website. Photos of dogs shared on social media may feature the dog’s name but will never include any personal information of either dog or owner. Clients not wishing for me to do this or post on social media, you can let me know either by text or email.


I am committed at all times to ensure clients’ privacy is protected. I may need some personal information on registration of new and current clients or behavioural cases, but nothing would be shared onto third parties. I will never share, sell, distribute or lease the client’s personal information unless it is necessary or needed by law. But I will always notify the client if this needs to happen.

The client may request to see what data I hold about them at any time and also request any changes to be made under the Data Protection Act 1998. Just email or text me if you need to do this.

I reserve the right to change my terms and conditions at any point and will notify you when that happens.